Berrybrook School

Favorite Things

Some favorite Berrybrook songs and recipes that can be enjoyed at home!
Some suggested reading on child development


Throughout the school year, children participate in a variety of cherished Berrybrook traditions. The scope and sequence of the curriculum includes activities that are tailored to the needs and interests of each particular group of students.

Berrybrook teachers will make home visits in order to develop a more personal relationship with each child
Children will help make grape jelly and bring some home to share with the family
Butter, cornbread and cranberry jelly will be made to prepare for the feast shared with friends before Thanksgiving break
All Berrybrook families are invited to participate in community service projects benefiting local organizations
As the weather warms, the children tap the maple trees; after the syrup is made, it is served at a “Sugar on Snow” party
Blown eggs are hand-painted with pearlescent paint and are placed on display in the classroom before they are brought home
On the first day of May, a Maypole with brightly colored ribbons appears on the playground to celebrate the warmer weather to come
Each class makes ice cream for a last day of school “Ice Cream Party” – a sweet ending to a wonderful year

Since 1954, Katharine Bailey Mann has inspired a curriculum at Berrybrook School that awakens the joy of discovery and learning in young children. It is through her vision and these traditions that Berrybrook students can learn respect, compassion and a sense of interconnectedness while having fun.