Berrybrook School

Beginners Program

For children age 3 by December 1

The Beginners program meets 2 days per week on Thursdays and Fridays. It allows younger children to experience the joy and discovery of Berrybrook in a way that is appropriate to their developmental level and prepares them for their following two years of school. Our focus is on helping children have success and pride when:

separating from their family
exploring their emotions
participating in a variety of art experiences
enjoying music, movement, and stories
practicing self-care skills
  ... all while learning to be with others!

The Beginners Program adheres to the tried and true Berrybrook philosophy while tailoring the curriculum to meet the needs of younger children and their families. The emotional, developmental, cognitive, and physical needs of the children in our class will guide all of our activities. Berrybrook School has many traditions. Children in the Beginners class will experience these traditions in a unique way that best meets their level of understanding and in a manner that can be built upon during their future years at Berrybrook and beyond.

The children will have a daily schedule designed to provide a familiar routine, but flexible enough to be adjusted based on the needs of the group. Children will arrive with parents and put their belongings into their cubbies, then wash their hands. This process is the beginning of a secure routine as parents assist children and say goodbye so that children can begin their day. Adjustment to routine and teachers is very important in the Beginners class. Once this is truly established, parents will have many opportunities to volunteer in the classroom.

The classroom has a bathroom for children to use as needed. Dry, clean clothes are kept at school. Teachers work with parents to create an individual plan for children who are in the process of developing toileting skills.

Independent Choice activities are abundant in the classroom, with short breaks for a story, circle time, and snack. Teachers will be interacting with children one-on-one, in small groups, and with the entire class. We are outdoors often and for extended times playing in various playground environments as the children demonstrate their interest and readiness.

At the end of the day, our Beginners gather together for dismissal. Parents and others authorized to pick up children are asked to come to Room 3 to sign out and collect belongings.

A Beginners Parent Orientation Night is scheduled before school starts to answer any questions parents may have. Communication continues throughout the year in parent conferences, a monthly newsletter, email, and social media. In addition, Teachers and Administrators are happy to arrange a meeting with parents at their request. Berrybrook School values and works toward strong, reciprocal communication.