Berrybrook School


The Principles That Guide Us

Child Centered

Celebrating childhood and nurturing the whole child.
Understanding and attending to the full range of each child's social, emotional, cognitive and physical needs.

Respect and Caring

Respecting and caring about individuals, families, relationships and cultures.
Respecting one another's words, contributions and opinions.
Respecting our planet, its seasons and all its wonders.


Letting children be children;
Children deserve and need joy, laughter and merriment.


Respecting and valuing those who work with and nurture young children.
Building, maintaining and supporting a fully engaged, deeply satisfied and passionately committed community of early childhood educators.


Appreciating the complex and wonderful web of life into which we are born, we live and we die.
Honoring the crafts, trades and professions that allow our society to function successfully.
Celebrating the varied traditions that together reflect the richness of individual cultures and the collective beauty of the human experience.